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Default Crane Song HEDD 192 hookup problems

Just got my new converter and 001 is not cooperating. Here's the setup:

Using S/PDIF (Monster Data Link cable) between 001 & 192
Opened PT 5.3.1 session and set to 24bit, 44.1.
In hardware setup unchecked S/DIF mirroring, optical format set to S/PDIF, Clock set to Optical (ADAT)
One mono track record enabled with input set to S/PDIF Left Optical mono
192 set to A/D process 24bit, sample rate 44.1
Mic and mic pre going into left channel of 192 (good signal registering on 192 meter)

Nothing coming into PT record enabled track.

Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
Esteban WB
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