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Default Re: Upgrading a Mac Pro 5.1 12core 2.4Ghz

Originally Posted by SDDP View Post
1) upgrade CPU to 3.46GHz?
2) upgrade ram to 6 x 8GB sticks (getting faster triple speeds?)?
3) upgrade to a XFX RX 580 GPU?

1) you'll get the 3.33Ghz CPU (X5680) much cheaper and there's no noticeable difference and the X5680 runs cooler
2) make sure to get the correct speed rating (1333 and not 1066) and yes 2x3 Sticks if you want speed
3) that GFX is plenty fast, I got myself a "slower" one on eBay, an AMD Radeon R9 280X which has been flashed for Mac
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