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Default > Shuffle Mode and Markers

I keep coming across a problem with Shuffle mode and markers when re-arranging songs. I enable the ALL group and even when I select all the tracks, including everything in the timeline such as the Marker track, the markers often do not move with the regions when pasting or duplicating a section. If I reselect and repaste a number of times, sooner or later it will work and the markers will shuffle along with the audio/midi regions as they are supposed to, but for no good reason as I am doing nothing different on these subsequent attempts. I have an HD system and a person I know with LE is having the same problem. We are both using 7.2, but I have had this problem for awhile on earlier versions. I do a lot of pre-production with bands/writers so I need to be able to quickly recut a song, often very radically, and this is making it extremely tedious. I am in the middle of one of these projects right now. Any ideas what the solution could be? A fix will save me a lot of time. Thanks!
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