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Default Re: New CLA Plugin - Looks Very Cool

Originally Posted by amagras View Post
Yes and now I'm completely reinstalling Waves, it takes time because mine is a 10gb+ download because of the the instruments, and I'm not even installing the HD libraries while this is not solved, that would be over 45gb!
Got done with my weekly backups and tests and downloaded and installed the CLA. Fired up PT and it didn't show; also didn't show in Studio Rack. Then fired up BlueCat Patchwork and as you may know Waves plugins don't show by plugin but by waveshell. Saw there was a new Waveshell 5. Tried that and a single knob gui came up that looked like their one-knob series.

Then checked the Waves folder in my Applications folder (remember that I'm on a Mac) and CLA showed there. Tried calling up CLA in Digital Performer and on it's plugin scan it failed because there was no license. So it's off to Waves Central and sure enough the license was not in there. Had to bring it in manually and now all is well. I see it in PT inserts as well as Studio Rack and Scheps Omni channel. Check that the license is on your machine.
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