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Default Re: Question on drive allocation practices with modern systems. (SSD vs DAE errors)

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
All spinning hard drives since somewhere in the early 2000s (2005?) have been regulated by EU and US regulation to have to sleep (it is firmware coded and non-defeatable). All spinning hard drive manufacturers have to adhere to this.

Accessing the drive in regular intervals keeps those drives running/awake (there are utilities to do this.)
I have a bunch of spinners that don't sleep. The externals I use for backups don't sleep nor do the WD blacks I have sleep. If the drives sleep then why does Apple have a setting in OSX preferences to not let drives sleep?

edit for additional:
There's no utility needed to keep a hard drive from sleeping. This first link is for Windows:
Says for Seagate drives but it should work for all drives on a Windows system
And this link is for Macs:

Note that drives may have to have the ability to sleep but are not required to do so. I could find nothing via Google that says a drive MUST sleep.
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