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Default Re: Question on drive allocation practices with modern systems. (SSD vs DAE errors)

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post

If you have a sizeble harddrive SSD inside a MacBook Pro new ones you can record to the internal drive no doubt without partitioning anything.

I would get a 7200rpm 2-3GB or larger WD Caviar Black and keep sample libraries on as they take up a lot of space and they always works great on spinners as long as it is atleast 7200rpm 64MB Cache and min 9ms seentime like the WDC Black. No green or blue power saving crap. Make sure you fit that spinner in a USB3 or USB3.1 casing or thunderbolt case.

Let us know if need anything more. You will be able to record to that internal drive as it is CRAZY fast so no worries there.
I can vouch for the durability of WD Black drives - I have a pair of 4 TB spinners in my 2012 MacPro - one for samples and one for sessions. Be aware of so-called 'enterprise' drives. When I was researching drives I ran into some that would sleep at some interval known only to the drive.

Also there's no need to partition the system drive for recording to or having samples on. Just create extra folders.

Something not mentioned is to have an external drive with a clone backup of your functioning system. It will save your hide for when things turn to the Dark Side. I have separate external drives - one for the system, one for samples and one for sessions. 7200 rpm spinners all.
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