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Default Re: List of prefs and other files to toss on PT11

Originally Posted by Ty Ford View Post
PT 11.3.2 on an older Mac tower running OS X 10.9.5.

2 x 2.4 GHZ Quad-Core Intel Xeon

32 GB Ram

I use a custom front end with an RME ADI-8 DS A/D converter and GML, Millennia Media STT-1 and Aphex 1100 preamps. I go in via the ADAT port on the 003R.

I just made that leap from PT10 to PT11 about six months ago. I think I can take PT up to some sort of 12, even at OS X 10.9.5.

I'm a little concerned about getting boxed by the combo of
A. Model of old Mac,
B. Digi 003R
C. OS X version and
D. 003R drivers


Depending on what exact vintage cheesegrater you have you can go up to High Sierra and if you change the video card to Mojave. Part of the challenge is getting installers for older OSX versions. Apple only has the latest Mojave available. However if you don't mind paying a few bucks I know that Amazon has older versions of OSX for sale with some on DVD and some on a thumb drive.

I have two boot partitions one of which is OSX 10.10.5 and PT11.3.2 runs just fine on that and a second boot partition that has OSX 10.12.6. Until recently I ran PT11.3.2 on there with the only problem being I couldn't import audio via the import file menu item but drag & drop from Finder worked okay. I now run PT2019.6 on that partition.

I don't think you're going to get boxed in with drivers for the 003 as I seem to remember seeing people here running the 003 on more recent versions of PT and OSX than what you have. As far as going to some form of PT12 you have a couple of options - find someone who's selling a used license asset of PT12.x or pay the $299 upgrade to get a combo license for PT10/11/12/2019.
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