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Default Hooking up a Sound Module to my keyboard controller

My apologies for asking what is probably a basic question but I have my limitation in MIDI knowledge...

i use a Digi 002 rack. I use a Kawai MP9500 as my controller keyboard which is hooked up to the Digi 002 with Midi in and out (two cables connected to each).

I want to hook up a Yamaha Motif-Rack XS sound module so I can control it with my Kawai MP9500. I would use the audio out of the Motif-Rack to record into a mixer that feeds audio into the Digi 002.

I currently have the necessary audio cables hooked up so no problem there.

But how do I hook up MIDI (when both In Midi and Out Midi are used in both the Kawai keyboard and the Digi 002 Rack)?

Thanks for any help with this and for patience in answering what is probably an eye-rolling question.

(As an FYI, I tried hooking the cable from Midi thru on the Kawai to the Midi In on the Motif but this does not enable any audio from the Motif to send to the mixer.)


Running PT 2018.4.0 on Windows 7
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