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Default Re: 2.8.1 Standalone Won't Install/Run

Originally Posted by Mike Sessler View Post
I've spent the last 2.5 hours trying in vain to get 2.8.1 Standalone to install and run. I stared off using Parallels 4.0 (tried both Win 7 and XP) on an Intel Mac (Snow Leopard) and never got past a splash screen. Multiple downloads, uninstalls & reinstalls are no avail.

I upgraded to Parallels 5 to see if that was an issue. It doesn't appear to help. Now I get a message at launch that says "A critical component cannot be started. This may be due to missing or damaged files. You may have to reinstall the D-Show software if the problem persists."

I've gone through another 3-4 rounds of uninstall, download, reinstall, restart, update and just about every other thing I can think of.

Has anyone else had a similar issue, and more importantly, has anyone found a solution?

Thanks in advance!

mike sessler
technical director
Coast Hills Community Church
I had no problem installing it in Parallels 4

Steve Powers
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