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Default Re: The Tea Room..

Hi all,

Have a rare few hours's a Holiday.

Is anyone still working with music/audio here ??
Time to refresh our tea inventory

A: Happy Canada day to you as well my friend and Thanks for giving all of my canadian clients a day off today and giving me a slow day at my day gig. lol As I mention to Aaron, not much with the music short of listening to it right now and very heavily dug in and prospering with the photography business. In other news I just had 5 days of hell recovering from surgery to get two very impacted wisdom teeth out so today was my first day back on my feet and trying to eat solid foods again. lol No G's for atleast another couple days roughly til things heal up.

What are you working on at the moment? Dog, kids, and Mrs. doing good? plans for travel anytime soon? still working on the albumn with your group?
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