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Default Re: Focusrite Red 4Pre!

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
I am really thinking this could replace the Omni that I want/need/want :)

I was looking for the omni to use as a monitor controller, with a tad bit more io > my only concern is how will it interface with PT (the focusrite)? Will I have to aggregate?

I honestly don't even suppose to know how the omni itself would be seen in PT....would it need to be aggregated or would it be seamlessly seen in PT.
LOL OMNI and the new interfaces from Focusrite and Apollo and RME etc are lightyears apart. We use the OMNI up until a few months ago as the preamp really really agreed with our Manley Gold mic but since we bought into the Korby Kat 5 with 5 capsules we haven't used the OMNI and I can tell you that the mic pres are "ok" but nothing more and comparing to the new $2500 4PRE is a non starter.

The OMNI is a good interface no doubt but as you can get one for 650-800 USD now i would look at the Clarett series. Tried the Clarett 8PreX as a loaner and I was VERY IMPRESSED! Would have got it right there on the spot if I didn't know the RED4 pre was in the wings and thats the one we are getting from the Focusrite line so we have a few different higher end interfaces to play with when needed.

Seeing it (Clarett 8pre X) cost less than $1200 its really a no brainer if someone is looking for a interface around $1K ish
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