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Default Re: Plugin GUIs disappear at first

Banging around some more.

1) select track from control surface. Let's say Track 1.
2) select a plugin inserted on Track 1. Plugin GUI appears in DAW.
3) select another track from control surface, one that maybe even has the same plug-in in the same slot. DAW doesn't change to displaying newly selected track's plug-in, attention on surface goes back to channel view (Inserts/Input/Dyn/etc.). Used to be that if you selected another track, whatever plug-in was in the same slot as the previously selected track would be attentioned on the control surface, and DAW would show that GUI as well.
4) cannot close DAW GUI from control surface unless you back to the track it's on (Track 1 here), go back in from channel view, select the plug-in, and click "back" on the control surface.

Super annoying and inefficient.
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