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Default Re: Daisychaining Firewire and TB3

Originally Posted by jamesleonard View Post
The 003 has faithfully served me throughout all of the various OSX (from 2010, to now), even though it has not been supported for a while now. I will be sad when it is eventually rendered inoperable. (it has never failed me all this time!!)

I haven't been using it much lately (I have been using the Roland TR-8S)

The 003, works perfectly on Mojave 10.14.5 and on my current iMac_i7_(Retina 5K_27-inch_Late_2015).

Unfortunately, I need to get a new iMac - and I thought I would try to connect the 003 to the T3 ports... There's no harm in trying I guess. However, eventually apple will go 'full-on' 64 bit and that will be the end-of-the-road for my dear old friend.
If it works Mojave you are set... go forth and make music.
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