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Default Re: making the jump from analogue desk to s3, work flow advice please

Going from an analog console to a control surface is going to take plenty of getting used to(no matter what control surface). The Slate touch-screens are certainly worth a look(lots of videos between the Slate website and youtube).

As for headphone mixes, how many outputs(analog) do you have available? How many separate HP mixes do you need? Do you have a headphone amp? My personal fave for features vs price, is the ART HeadAmp 6 Pro. There are several ways to do headphones and here are the 2 methods I used:

#1-(assuming only 8 outputs) I sent the main stereo mix to the main inputs of the amp(the headphone amp). I then took 4 mono outputs and fed(via special cables you have to build yourself) into the AUX inputs of 4 sections of the HP amp. Those were fed by 4 mono sends(on every track in the session) so that each(of 4 players) could have "more me" on top of the main mix.(the special cables are TS at the output/interface and TRS at the HP amp. Wired so the tip of TS connects to tip AND ring at the TRS end(so your mono signal hits both sides of the phones)

#2-(with lots of available outputs) I fed 6 pairs of outputs from sends on every track in the session. First pair of outputs feed the main input of the HP amp for output #1. Using what is usually called a TRS insert cable(TRS to dual TS) the next pairs of outputs would feed the AUX in for sections 2 thru 6 of the HP amp.

In either case, if you open a typical(for you) session that is all tracked, you can plug a set of phones in to each section of the HP amp and set yourself a suitable mix for each player. Once you get mixes roughed in, save that session as your recording template(without media). The next time you record, create your new session from that session template and your headphone mixes will be nearly done right out of the gate I always used the same outputs for Vocal booth, bass player, Egtr player, Drummer, Acoustic booth and key station. I rarely made more than a handful of adjustments for players(and save session templates for each band if you have lots of repeat business). Good headphone mixes will get you repeat business as players love it when they have good HP mixes

Both scenarios above assume a computer with enough power to track your usual inputs at a low buffer(64 is my setting for all tracking). Also, avoid tracking with high-latency plugins. My max ADC number for tracking was 11 samples(combination of softube Console 1 plugin) and I never had any complaints about HP latency unless I did something wrong Got lots of deeper advice, but first, work thru getting things to work(get fancy later on)
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