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Default Re: D command ES with PT BASIC question

Everyone has their own workflow, and there are a generation of mixers who are wicked fast on the D-Command, so it's a great option. But some of my impressions:


-D-Command wheel doesn't have "Move Sel" as far as I can tell, which is incredibly fast and useful on the Dock.

-soft key for Preview is buried, and if I remember correctly, "Write to selected" is not even on the same menu (wtf?)

-for tweaking plug-ins, there are more knobs on D-Command, but a lot less feedback. It's easy and fast to go through pages of plug-in parameters on Dock. Labeling is dynamic, feedback is better. iPad is more complicated, but it does A LOT. There are edit functions on the iPad that D-Command never dreamed of having.

-D-Command functions are pretty much fixed and not customizable like they are on S3/Dock.


-D-Command is more rugged than S3

-D-Command has automatch arrows on each fader (which I desperately need on S3).

-dedicated Trim buttons per fader.

Tough call! It really depends on how you work and how important software updates and support are to you.

Originally Posted by Whiteroomstudio View Post
Hi Nathaniel !
Thanks for your’kind reply...
Is the fact to have a iPad + a s3 is not more complicated than the command es ?
I was wondering about the plug ins integration ... the s3 seems less intuitive on the side ?
(Vu meter is NOT important for me btw)

Could you elaborate a bit more ?(I would really appreciate this)
What would be the positive/negative of each solution ...for you ?
Without talking about an old piece of gear / support and of course the Ultimate liscence I need to get )
Thanks !

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