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Default Re: Pro Tools 11-EZDrummer 2 plugin not working

Sorry for the basic question, but do you understand how to use a VI (virtual instrument) plugin like this? That is a trap for many newer VI users.

That it normally is inserted on a stereo instrument track (not an audio or midi track). The EZ Drummer plugin will then appear under in the insert plugin menu under as "multichannel plug-in>Instrument>EZdrummer".

If that's it I'll let you know the delivery address for the beer.


If that is not it...

Look under at the troubleshooting instructions under "help Us help You" up the top of every DUC web page. Lots (too much) stuff there.

When posting here you will often get better help if you better information about what you have, including what exact model code/EMC # Mac (it's printed on the back). What exact macOS version? What exact Pro Tools version? What exact EZ Drummer version?

Did this ever work? What changed?

As always the first thing you should do when having a problem is trash prefs and databases, use Peter Gates PT Prefs Tool

If that does not help download a fresh installer from Toontrack and run that installer, you should likely just get the installer for the very latest version of EZ Drummer they have. If that does not work, report back here what you have done exactly and all that extra information.
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