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Default Re: Digi EQ3: Output Level Increases Dramatically w/ High Pa

Great guys thanks for the help.
That post was very very interesting.

So basically, proper (or better, etc) gain staging for the digital realm wont prevent this plug-in resampline anomale from occuring, it'll just give you more headroom which will keep the content from clipping because of the boost associated with said resampling, yes?

I tried it out with the signal generator as suggested in the post and found that even just feeding white/pink noise at -12db into the eq, when you engage the filter, there is a definite level output increase, but plenty of headroom to keep you clear of clipping. Still seems a touch odd to me however, that even at -20 you still have that level increase at the meters.

Oh well, thanks again!
I'll fix my problem this time by just trimming back the input pot a touch.

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