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Default Digi EQ3: Output Level Increases Dramatically w/ High Pass

The following has occurred when using the High Pass Filter included in the Digidesign Eq3 plugin.

When I select the High Pass as one of my bands, I immediately see that the output meter of the plugin shoots up past that of the input.
This is without any additional adjustments of that band, any other band, or the input/output levels.

This has happened with tracks ranging from bass guitar (where there'd be a good deal of actual material roll-off going on [for experimenting with this occurrence]) to something like glockenspiel with very little to no content down below

Now I was under the impression that, if anything, I would see a level decrease coming out of the plugin after cutting off a good chunk of low end power.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Anyone have any ideas to why this would occur?

Thanks all
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