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Default Re: Lost Pro Tools LE 8 authorization code

Originally Posted by Sounds like...! View Post
I have the exact same thing happening as the prior posters. Although, I have my activation code but get the error "the activation code is invalid" when attempting to enter it in the avid sight in order to receive an authorization code. My avid account shows my registered software and upgrades I have purchased, but yet I cant activate this fresh re-install from my Pro Tools 8 Upgrade disc. Any help would be appreciated, as Im on my 3rd day of trying to troubleshoot.
An Activation/Redemption Code is only used once to add the product to your Avid account and/or deposit licenses. After that, simply go to to get your Authorization Code or installers. I confirmed that the product is in your Avid account. See for more info. If the Authorization Code in your Avid account isn't working we can get a support case going to figure that out.
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