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Default Re: looking for a digital audio desk to run with Pro Tools 2018.7

Hey Top Jimmy,

I know you don't use TF3 for or with PT.... But just a quick Q regarding your TF3.... and its 34/34 I/O capability.

When I load PT using the TF5 as an interface PT sees all 34 I/O's you can active or deactivate all 34 I/O's create buses with them including ch 33 and 34. Currently I'm using ch 31 and 32 on the TF as my main L/R output from PT via a created "output1" bus in PT. create say another bus "output2" using 33 and 34 to use as main outs and send via the ST2/33-34 input on the TF.

Are you able to send signal from your host back down channel 33 and 34?

I'm guessing this is more to do with PT limiting to 32 channels, Does PT just take the first 32 and lop off anything there after or are you able to select the 32 from an array of up to 64 (being the max with added stage box(es) if I so choose... Ultimately I have to say since my version of PT MAYBE!!! only about 1/4 of the price of the HD ver you'd think or perhaps hope Avid could at least give you access to 1/4 of the I/O of HD's 256...... and up the limit from 32 to 64, although it is prolly smallish annoyance, it would be nice to be able to move the the main out to ST2/33-34 and have a clear fader board. I have actually tried to deactivate a couple of channels between 1-32 (in PT) to see if 33 or 34 become available, but nope. everything looks good in PT running a 33-34 bus the master fader shows signal in its meters but no input signal appears at ST2/33-34 input on the TF.

funny how sometimes you start writing a question only to discover the answer while writing it. Or may be there is another way of doing this that would allow me to send a main stereo output from PT back to the TF and still have 32 inputs available.

So come on Avid don't you think 32 is a lil whimpy in these days and times like raising the 32 to 64 is going to smash your HD market in anyway... I think these sorts of changes are more likely to bring more users onboard.
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