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Default Re: looking for a digital audio desk to run with Pro Tools 2018.7

Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
There are more than 2 FX engines. You just convert the aux send bus to an effect send, return it to the main mix and insert an effect internally. You don't need a rack processor to get more FX.
Ok I see what your getting at, and does this allow you to insert any of the onboard FX not already used in FX1 and FX2.... for instance FX1 Delay, FX2 Reverb, Create FX3 <insert from onboard FX of your choice here> there are 6 stereo aux sends so there would be the potential to add 6 FX engine per say? not that I think I would need to do that but technically speaking I could. Leaving the 8 mono aux's for monitors or even mono FX sends.
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