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Default Re: Oxygen vs Axiom (buy help)

Originally Posted by play4theworld View Post

I always thought midi controllers gave 0 latency, the VIs are a big reason I got pro tools. I spent a long time thinking about the 49 keys before (I actually marked my piano to see if I went over them much) and I think that should be fine for me, also I travel alot so 61-88 isn't really an option. Neither is buying a extra 25 key to take with me or something.

I wish there was some way I could here the latency but i guess there isn't really. I'd run up to Sam Ash or something but I live about 200 miles away from the nearest one. Theres a guitar center bout 30 miles away maybe I'll try and get there...careless currently though .

I don't think I would want to buy an all out keyboard. If I did could I just get one of those cheapo ones and run midi out of it? I don't need anything fancy.
I'm a pianist who plays guitar. I do use the VIs to map out guitar work, then have to set the task of figuring out how to play them on the guitar. Yikes.

Well the MIDI itself is zero latency. The latency is in the VI especially if you are playing against a bunch of tracks you've laid down. It could depend upon how your brain works. Some people can train their hands and brain to function as in press the keys when you get to the beat. I operate on sound. So I depress the key to make the sound come in on time. That's how I get early. The latency is the time between when the PC sees the MIDI signal, processes it, and spits the sound out the VI via the soundcard or USB interface for example.

Those full keyboards do weigh about as much as a guitar tube combo amp and barely fit in the back seat of a Mazda.

However if you're thinking of using the keyboard as a practice instrument with the VIs with your laptop while you're on the road, one of the MIDI keyboards should suffice. The Oxygen isn't bad for the price.
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