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Default Re: 2019 iMac i9 + PT 2018 + Mojave

Slate FG-X is quite a CPU hog, and it's possible that some of the other plugins in use have oversampling activated.
Have you tried looking at the system usage meter and deactivating (not bypassing) plugin by plugin?

Do you have any background processes running? A fresh MacOs install has spotlight indexing for quite a while if you have a lot of emails/documents/files in general. Also the scan of photos and face recognition that runs in the background if you have a huge picture library synced from your phone uses up a lot of resources.
Check the activity monitor for CPU usage of your system if there's a process consuming CPU % other than PT. Any process that uses more than 10-15% is worth investigating, if you did not consciously initiate it.

It's certainly not normal behavior for that machine to not be able to handle this session.

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