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Default 2019 iMac i9 + PT 2018 + Mojave

Hey all- just got a new 2019 iMac with 8-core i9, was tired of fighting my old machine whose CPU just could not keep up (2010 MBP... I know). When the track freezing feature was introduced that helped some, but it was just taking FOREVER to mix cause the computer just couldn't keep up, even on smaller sessions. I got the most powerful Mac I could afford, only to find that you can't run older versions of OS X than what the computer came with- whoops- so now I have about 13 days to decide to either return the computer (a fairly significant investment as you can imagine), or wade into the muddy waters of making stuff work in Mojave that has yet to be officially supported. I tried opening up a session just to see what would happen, and though everything basically works, I was expecting pretty stellar performance from such a powerful processor, but I'm still getting some clicks/pops/AAE -6101 CPU overload errors. I attached a screenshot of the session I'm running. I am for sure running a decent handful of plugins, but there are not "that" many tracks... I was getting fairly solid performance out of my work's 2015 MBP (which was maybe a quad core i5?) until adding my last few mastering plugins on the 2 buss, so I expected the new machine to be head and shoulders above that in performance, but have not been blown out of the water like I was expecting to be. Based on your guys' experience, what would you expect with a session this size and a computer of those specs?
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