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Default Workspace Borked 2019.10 and 2019.12

This has ground my workflow to a halt. For some reason the workspace windows are randomly deciding to not recognize WAV and MP3 files in some folders, so it won't let me access them.

If I go to the finder, the files are fine. Quicktime opens them fine. I can even move the files to a different folder or hard drive and then they work.... until they don't, as after a while Pro Tools again decides it doesn't recognize them and won't let me access them.

This is happening A LOT. Many many times a day. On 2 different systems, with 2 diffferent drives. I tried upgrading to 2019.12 and it didn't help. This is happening both with brand new files and files that have been around for many years.

Am guessing just a bug and I have to live with it, unless anyone knows a workaround? Really is destroying my workflow in a bad way.
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