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Default Re: Main window over 2 screens issue

Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
Something I never got about PT on Windows is that the Mix and Edit windows are contained in a larger window. On the Mac, Mix and Edit are fully independent and can be moved around without stretching any underlying window across monitors regardless of monitor resolution. I think someone, sometime, way back when, wrote a little piece of software for PT that would achieve the same on Windows, but I haven't seen that mentioned in quite a while.
Yep. I think it was called Skootch(from Bob Nagy?)and many swore by it, but I never had the need(and I guess I still don't) Its actually only the MIX and EDIT windows that have to be inside the parent window. Plugins, Memory locations, etc are all fine floating outside. I kept them all on a 3rd screen for years, but am down to 2 screens these days(much smaller room now)
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