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Default Re: Pro Tools vs Reaper

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
I have to agree with Andrei here. I have PT, Reaper and Reason. But I mainly use Reason for its rack instruments, not as a DAW, and Reaper I used mainly to host VSTs that didn't have AAX versions. Until Blue Cat Audio's Patchwork came along. Now, I barely open Reaper.

Having invested well over 12 years into PT, starting with PT 6.8, I see no advantage to going into a steep learning curve with some other DAW, even one as intuitive as Reaper. If I need Reaper for some special case, it sits nicely via Rewire with PT.

Now, for someone just starting out, Reaper is a good alternative to PT, but so are several other DAWs. However, there is a reason why PT remains the DAW of choice for most pro studios and applications.

I wouldn't call Reaper intuitive. I think you need to dig down a bit deeper inside its logic ( ) to actually recognise the benefits of using it over Pro Tools.
It took me around 4 years of occasional Reaper use, scratching the surface really, to actually sit down for a week and to learn the new DAW. I spent a couple of hours each day to discover things that were important for me in January this year - moving settings between channels and sessions, snapshot automation and automation engine in general, and to recognise the power of the biggest timesaver in all DAWs: Render Queue.

And I have invested 13 years of my life working in Pro Tools HD exclusively. I convinced dozens of studios to purchase a Pro Tools system, because... well, I thought there was a reason most professionals use Pro Tools. To me it was an amazing discovery to learn that there is a tool that makes me much faster. And I am ******n great in Pro Tools skills. After 6 months of not using Pro Tools people still call me with PT related questions and I still blow their minds how quickly I always find a solution.

After 6 months I managed to take and finish more work, so I actually could purchase... an HDX system with the additional money I earned thanks to using Reaper.

Of course my experience don't have to be the same for other people, but there's a reason why so many engineers have similar feelings after switching from Pro Tools to Reaper.
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