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Default Error missing ilok!

My return to Protools was welcomed with the what now seems infamous Error missing iLok message. Please tell me how a so called professional company like Avid can be still using such un reliable systems in 2014. My Protools 9 had been working fine for 4 years and I don't want / need a new machine in order to run PT 11 so I bought the PT10 upgrade instead. I have installed it on a Macbook pro and a MacPro 1.1. The message appears on both and it deleted my PT9 on the MacPro LOL!! So I have no working PT. Its like some kind of sick joke for those of us who seem to be foolish enough to pay for software! Well if anyone has an answer I would be most grateful as I'm not looking forward to the pending adventure trying to get some sense / support for this ridiculous problem. P.s The iLok still seems to authorise PT9 and other plugins so no one need suggest it a usb port or hardware problem.

Thanks in advance.
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