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Answering from your other post:
Originally Posted by Breakdown View Post
Disc Allocation confirm files are not in the right place..And then what...
If disk allocation is showing the wrong location for the files... Change the location.
Originally Posted by Breakdown View Post
Sorry, I posted initially on the wrong forum.
Simply I have upgraded my PC, now with Windows Vista, and added a Fire Wire Hard Drive. Previously I had used an XP based system and a USB driven external hard drive, anticipating problems until I upgraded.
My issue is that the sessions I have saved on the USB drive will not open properly on the new system. All the tracks are there, but no wav. data visible or audible.
What dumb thing am I missing, apart from the data that is......
I have simply dragged the session files from the old to the new.
You would probably be better off doing this:
  • Open the session in Pro Tools from the original USB location.
  • Ensure that everything is there and that the session works as expected.
  • From the Pro Tools menu, select File->Save Copy In...
  • Ensure that the Session Parameters are the same
  • In the "Items to Copy" section of the Save Session Copy dialog, select "All Audio Files" (and anything else that is relevant to the session)
  • click OK
  • Select your new firewire drive as the destination, check/correct the file name as you desire, and click "Save".
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