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Default Re: Kontact Player & Sibelius w/002

I've got a PowerBook and a 002Rack, and had installed the Kontact player, only to discover that it always defaults its playback volume to -12dB, which is way too quiet!!! Phoned Sibelius, to ask how I reset and assign my own default playback volume to be told I couldn't and had I thought about buying a pair of headphones for when I wanted to make music on the PowerBook!

Sibelius has some VERY flakey bits, and is really not very good IMHO, I ended up deleting Kontact player, and using internal MIDI sounds, rubbish, but that seems to be Sibelius through and through. . . ;-(

I tend to use the PB's speakers to play back bits of score while PTLE is open.

Not meaning to steer this thread off on a tangent, but has anybody got a good thing to say about Sibelius 3 or any tips on making Kontact player usable?

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