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Default Re: Could not allocate memory for the disk cache. Try lowering your disk buffer..

Originally Posted by devontelowe View Post
i fixed it and here is how...
Here's how to fix it...

If on startup Pro Tools throws up an error message saying

"Could not allocate memory for the disk cache. Try lowering your disk buffer ( DAE Buffer), disk cache size, or engine voice count. If you got this error on launch, delete your prefs and try again. (-9514)."

Then it's very likely that a cleaning program has deleted some files and or registry entries vital to Pro Tools running. In the case of the above error message it's the
"AVID HD Driver"

You can fix this problem by going to "Program And Features" in Win Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 or
"Add or Remove Programs" in XP
Then uninstall "Avid HD Driver (x86)"or "Avid HD Driver (x64)" depending on your Windows Platform.

Now on your Pro Tools installation DVD browse to,

"Pro Tools Installer\ISSetupPrerequisites\Avid HD Driver x64\Avid HD Driver10_x64.exe"


"Pro Tools Installer\ISSetupPrerequisites\Avid HD Driver x86\Avid HD Driver10_x86.exe"

And install it.


Fire Up Pro Tools and your away again.

To avoid this happening again make sure that when using cleaning programs you check EVERY file being deleted and add any references to AVID or Pro Tools to the softwares Detection Exclusion settings. These settings vary from program to program but it's common for most cleaning programs to be able to right click a detected file and "Exclude from future Detection"
You just saved my day ! Thanks devontelowe !
I was getting grey hair when trying to update from 10.3.6 HD to 10.3.7 HD after a clean uninstall.
This should be a sticky.
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