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Default mastering in the same session but master fader plugins exceed ADC, that ok?

win7 i7 HD9

Hi, im trying out a new technique. mastering in the same session with the waves grandmasters collection with my Automatic Delay Compensator set to short (1024 samples, i think). anyway, i got waves linear eq and lin dynamic followed by an l3-16 on my master fader, raising the sample delay of the master fader to 10k+ samples, totaly breaching the ADC zone.however the bounce sounds fine and everything is normal.

my question is: am i right in assuming that, it wouldent matter what the ADC is set to, since the master fader is the last chain in the signal flow going out of the system?

i understand this is not a pro way to master, that a whole different thread@

thanks in advance
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