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Default Re: Unable To Locate Avid Hardware.

Dustin -
Originally Posted by dustinjamesdesign View Post
Hopefully, if it works for me to, this can be a strong thread for people who have had similar issues.
This was one of the best threads I could find so far.

Just wondering if you ever got the M-Audio MobilePre USB to work?

I'm coming in late on this, acquired one about seven years ago along with a Sennheiser mic and other audio gear. Used the other gear for all these years but never used the MobilePre. Now I have a good use for it and can't get it to work. Really nice and practical little unit so wish now that I would have tried it out. Got the CD driver and original documentation for it.

Have an early MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard" which is early enough for the 1.8.1 driver but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Saving the old MacBook specifically for running legacy applications and peripherals and this would be a perfect peripheral!

Now I notice the "Edit" button (wasn't there before)
Need to add a P.S. to the post I just made:

The M-Audio MobilePre USB that I've got is the "Gen 1" Blue & Silver model.

Additional information:
PID/Ver: 200F
Firmware: V1.03
Date: 12-2004

Research indicated there may be some setup tricks to getting the Pre to work on the computer, like not connecting it until the computer has booted, or vice versa. Tried these and various other combinations but can't get them to talk together.

If anyone has some potential insight it'd be appreciated. Hate to see this Pre go to waste or the scrap yard.

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