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Default Re: NVMe upgrade for Mac Pro 4.1/5.1 Mojave

Originally Posted by lancemcv View Post
Check this bad boy out comparable with 2019 Mac Pro and old 5,1 cMP. You can raid 0 three NVME 970 pros for over 5000 MB/s and have a forth one for a boot drive, overkill for pro tools but awesome for video editing. The cheaper Evos will need a firmaware update to work with the card.

You can buy flashed 580x from Macvidcards or send them yours to flash but it has to be a certain model. Long live the vintage cheese grader!
I would not want to "RAID" these SSDs. I'd suggest leaving NVMe SSDs in nice JBOD configurations, simple to understand and easy to use.

This card is a PCIe 3 card, and the claimed performance is running at PCIe 3. if you run it in a Mac Pro Cheesegrater you only get PCIe 2 speeds. So significantly slower than claimed. (I don't think this card lets you say run only two PCIe M.2 cards and switch sat PCIe 2 x 16 up to 2 x M.2 at PCIe 3 x 4, if it can their documentation does not say so).

I would be instead running a switched PCIe adapter card that converts a PCIe 2 x 8 slot into a PCIe 3 x 4 M.2 SSD. e.g. see and

I love Sonnet stuff, but that cooling fan looks a bit wimpy, I'd love to see a good review of this card including thermal performance.

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