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Default Re: Increase in PT performance going from 32GB RAM to 64?

ProTools has the necessary breathing room. I suppose what I was getting after was: if I increase RAM and the OS is entirely free to operate without constriction, would that in any way translate back into ProTools? Is there some type of slow-down -- of any sort, systemwide -- due to the fact that I have 32GB instead of 64?

I've been thinking through this and don't actually see an issue, nor do I predict or expect an increase, but I don't know all the ins and outs, hence the question.

I remember back a couple of decades when I first learned about swap files/disk caching and realized how much performance I was losing by having only 4MB RAM when I should have been using 8MB. My 133MHz Pentium 1 thanked me for that $400 upgrade.

So I'm generally just trying to take off any governors, wherever they may be. If I can spend a couple hundo and avoid a roadblock a few months down the road when I'm in the middle of a big project (because that's when these things happen), then I'm interested.
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