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Originally Posted by guitardom View Post
Just know this Motu stuff is a mess on Windows right now and Thunderbolt is Mac only and all they have said is that they are "looking into" Windows support for it and could not even give me an answer if they are "committed" to TB on Windows.
That is correct, and I know that they are. To be fair to MOTU, not a lot of vendors yet support TB on Windows. And AVB will work on Windows with a network card that supports the IEEE spec (there are some cheap ones that work which do not officially state AVB support). There are options, but that is correct, any of these TB/AVB devices currently work best on Mac. :)

Almost a month on and I'm loving my 16a. I'm so happy with it I'm considering selling my Focusrite gear and getting and AVB switch and a a 24Ai. :)
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