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Default Re: Sample Rate and H/W Buffer negotiation woes.

Originally Posted by mesaone View Post
I can do that. Probably not until this weekend.
Looking forward to that!

There's also an important factor that this poll doesn't take into account. Windows sound settings. When a device is set as default in the Sound control panel, it hampers sample rate switching.
Unfortunately, that has no influence here whatsoever. My Audient iD22 audio interface can be set as default windows sound card, it can be deselected as default, or even be disabled alltogether - none of it makes any difference.

Change of sample rate can't happen without the below error, followed by PT hanging for a while and finally followed by a PT restart.

Interesting note:
When I try switching betwen sessions with different sample rates, like 44.1 > 48, Pro Tools actually manages to communicate a change of sample rate to the iD22 mixer application. And I also hear a destinct "click" in the monitors indicating that something has been switched / reconfigured. And when checking the iD22 mixer app, I can see the sample rate has been changed. But when I press Play in Pro Tools, the above error pops up and PT needs to quit.
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