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Default Re: Music won't play. Play button flashes and Stop button lights up

Thanks for the replies guys.

Apologies for not posting details about my system. I just thought I might have needed to change something in Pro Tools or something.

I originally installed Pro Tools LE 8 on newest Macbook Pro 13" model (2.26GHz model). I recently updated Pro Tools LE 8 to Pro Tools 8.0.1, because Digidesign advised me to.

Here are some of my Macbook Pro specs:

2.26GHz MacBook Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB Memory
160GB hard drive

I'm not sure what specs you guys need so I have provided a link to the specification page at the official Apple website HERE

I have my Macbook Pro firewire linked up to a 500GB G-TECH G-DRIVE. You can also view full specifications of this HERE

I hope this is enough info guys.

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