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Default Re: Avid's Response to the NEW Mac Pro

Ironic that all the folks have been spouting “death to hdx” for the last year as apparently “native is king” Apple wave a shiny new cheese-grater and everyone goes weak kneed and wants hdx6!

8 pcie slots? Apart from those who have the “need” for hdx6, without wanting to sound like the Judean People’s Front, what are you going to fill those slots with? Expect sales of the new Apple pcie slot pizza warmer/sandwich toaster to go through the roof to use up the excess heat generated by all of you running 8k video....

The music boys must be very confused now. They have auto aligned and auto tuned the bejesus out of music for over a decade now - and we are giving them more power??

Laughter aside. I will be pottering along with my HDX1 for a while yet. With every new machine comes the “delight” of another annual Apple OS.....although I won’t be at the iTunes funeral, I don’t relish so much OS tweakery. Not good for Avid or other developers...we the customer just wait for the tumbleweed to settle whilst everything gets re-tested and rewritten again....until qualified as safe.....

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