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Default Re: MIDI start/reset command

Originally Posted by TJ Allen View Post
Hey Justin,

I donít have a direct solution, but funnily enough Iíve been dealing with exactly the same issue this week trying to clock external sequencers and drum machines.

I think part of the issue is that anywhere other than the top of the session, Pro Tools will only send a Continue message, not a Start. Which means the sequencer will just pick up from the pause position.

I started looking into ways of interpreting MMC and Timecode in Max to then send further downstream (basically trying to replicate Liveís Link functionality). No joy yet, but as a short term solution Iíve made a tiny patch that receives the MIDI clock from PT and converts the Continue message to a Start so that as long as the playback begins from the start of a Bar, the external gear will at least be in sync - even if it isnít exactly in the right spot for the sequence.

Having slightly more sophisticated clocking like Live or Elektronís Overbridge does would be so welcome in Pro Tools.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your perspective on this. So you run this Max patch in the background via Live as you work in PT? And it's a fairly elegant solution for now?
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