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Default making the jump from analogue desk to s3, work flow advice please

Hi there,
ive spent my life always using some sort of desk to run outputs from protools when tracking, headphones and talkback and studio speakers ect , even though i ultimately mix 'itb'
Im now in a different country and setting up a studio from scratch, and i seems like everyone is talking about things like the slate raven, s3, and dock. So this is what im looking at getting.

This will change my work flow in tracking somewhat, what i used to do is have say outputs 1 and 2 from the avid 192 going to the analogue desk and what ever i was overdubbing, say vocals, i would send on outputs 3 and so on. So that as im listening to the tracking i can take the main mix in and out of the speakers as i see fit, and it doesn't change anything thats happening on the protools session or the headphone mix, as the aux's are all pre fader.

My question is, the s3 is just a remote for protools, how do guys handle headphone mixes and tracking and overdubbing and sends to different speakers without a normal desk?

thanks Reuben
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