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Default Re: Pro Tools HD-HD Accel pci 10,3 - Windows 7 computer

Originally Posted by jyt View Post
Hi, I'm running an HP XW8400 workstation with PT HD3 - 8.1.1, core+accel+accel, interface 192 + 96, under Windows 7 64 bits, with a ssd drive and 2 x 4GB hard drive. also firewire card with external Glyph drive for backup. I don't know if you could run 10.X versions with it but perhaps, not sure you would have to try it, I know it would run 9.X tho! I don't need it, cause I have all the plug-ins for 8 and most of them wouldn't run with different software.
much thanks for post !

i suppose HD3 Accel pci-x
or i'm wrong ?
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