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Default Question for Zplane Elastique users...

Hello folks,

I have recently been doing shootouts for 24 25 / 25 24 fps conversions and must say that (after SRC) the Elastique pro algorithm sounds most natural to me (I tested it via Nuendo, with the Pro Pitch setting), also better than the results I got with Dirac, Mpex3 or ClearScale in TimeFactory II. (and way better than Xform).

I think another favourite would have been Radius in iZotope (they have far more parameters to tweak, pitch coherence being a must, than PT xform), but it only does stereo.

So I am thinking about getting Elastique Pitch as realtime plugin for rerecording deliveries directly in PT, however I was wondering: Would this work with destructive record (the way I work when doing deliveries) without hiccups/clicks? Has anybody used it this way before, i.e. stopping and starting in destructive record (I work with pre and post roll).

Just wondering, if it doesn't work this way I might just continue to do the offline processing in Nuendo.

Thanks for sharing any experience on this!
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