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Default Re: Lost Communication with Audio Interface!

Originally Posted by richeymcc View Post
Hi there,
Having serious trouble with recording/playback. Error messages include "lost communication with audio interface/running out of CPU power/increase & decrease hardware buffer..." As soon as ProTools boots up, before i try anything, an error message will appear.

I'm running Reason 4.0 through rewire.

Have gone through all troubleshooting except Re-initilizing ext hard drive(need to get hands on spare drive to back up), but all drives read as"Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" when checked in Disk Utility.

Am planning to upgrade RAM to 4Gb, but have had no problems before to this extent,so i've a feeling it might be something else.

I did download Waves trial plugins-they have since expired and i have deleted them from my Plug-Ins Folder.

Any help would REALLY be appreciated-i'm grounded to a halt here!

Thanks in advance,
Gonna need a lot more info here.

What Mac are you using? Specs? Digi interface? PT version? OSX version? Are ALL of your plugins up to date? Using secondary/external drive for sessions?

Plus, extra RAM can never hurt. 4GB is pretty much the standard now, anyway.

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