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Default Re: Eleven Plug-in unauthorised


Eleven Mk II contains all the additional amps from the Eleven Rack expansion pack. It's worth having. A little pricy, but it's also part of the Complete Plugin Bundle. Since you have a license for it you really want to make sure you get it.

If you have a separate Eleven Mk II license you may see that on your iLok as an Eleven Mk II Bundle, which contains an Eleven LE, Eleven and Eleven Mk II license. At least that is what I see, that was an upgrade and some confusion license history so maybe if you purchase Eleven Mk II now you just get the Eleven Mk II license. And I expect that will not license Eleven (not Mk II).

If you subscribe to the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle you get a stand alone Eleven Mk II license in that bundle (also expect that may not license Eleven (not Mk II)).

Eleven Mk II installers are available here

And for reference for others -- Eleven (not Mk II) installers are available here

Whatever you are eligible for should also be provided in your Avid.Com account for download, if you fix your problem and it turns out it was not can you post what was missing here on, or if Avid Link was just screwing this up for you, so Avid can fix that or others.

If manually installing Eleven Mk II does not fix this. Try trashing prefs and uninstalling and reinstalling ILM.
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