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Default Re: AVID incredibly poor customer service

Wow - you guys are far more interested than Avid have been, a big thanks in advance! I actually didn't want to trouble you good folks here as I figured with an active support subscription it was Avid's responsibility, but that really hasn't worked out

It's the same boring issue I think many here have had - crashes, hangs and 9173 error.

My system is pretty clean and well-spec'd for the mixing work I do:

Native system with AVID Quartet interface
Mac Pro trash can
10.13.6 High Sierra
16Gb RAM
3.5GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5
Pro Tools 2018.12

The usual plug-ins, Slate, Waves, Massey etc.

- I get a lot of CPU overload errors, even when the CPU usage indicator is around 20-30%.
- The crashes and hangs are erratic, a few times a day when operating medium sessions. Could be when adjusting a plug-in, importing a track, just playing, anything. Avid blamed the Slate plugs but it happens when they're removed from the plug-ins folder altogether. Pro Tools sometime crashes when sitting idle with no session open.
- When I remove all plug ins from the folder the system seems stable, but obviously useless for mixing.

I've optimised the system to Avid's specs, and also had similar problems with earlier versions of 2018 on Sierra. Using internal SSD or external HDD same, wifi on or off, same.

Now as the crashes are only a few times a day I can't add one plug-in at time, wait for hours, then keep adding until there's a problem - it would take weeks. It might well be a plug-in but which one, under what circumstances, well I've got very little chance of ever actually figuring that out.

I've sent Avid at least a dozen crash reports, besides blaming the Slate plugs they have offered no other further help and simply do not respond to emails.

If the crash reports were readable I could do some digging but we've probably all had that thought.

I'm basically out of ideas, and now that Avid have given up I'm left with an unstable system that is sh*tting me to tears.

Any help or ideas much appreciated.
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