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Default Re: A little help, please: What hardware gear for PT + LOGIC + KONTAKT?

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
1)Would a twin duo (€900) + a satellite (=€1570 altogether for 6 cores) be a better deal than the twin quad (€1300) or does the duo represent some intrinsic loss of two cores I may regret later on in case of cascading? (remember: I'm buying this new equipment for the long run and worry a bit about what some call "the ageing dsp's of apollo")
It primarily depends on how much you intend to use UA plug ins in the future.
According to your description of the style of music you are going to produce you could find UA plug ins very useful for your applications
but itīs also a question of money. The really good UA plug ins are not cheap actually even if worth the money for sure.

Basically if you donīt have tons of other plug ins already and you intend to use a bunch of UA plug ins for your mixes in the future two
more DSP cores will make sense indeed.
If for example you want to use the fantastic Neve 88RS Channel strip on many of your tracks like you would mix on a Neve 88RS desk
even 4 cores will not be enough for a middle sized session. However it sounds amazing, the closest-to-hardware-emulation I have heard.

Anyway. Like mentioned already if you want to use more UA plug ins in your mixes in the future go for the Twin Duo+Quad Satellite solution.
You will not regret it. Btw those satellites are on sale until March 31st and you will save $300.- on a Quad satellite if you buy it up to this date.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
2)Why do you call the 1TB internal flash drive solution the cleaner one? Will i have to partition it? I would have thought that going for as many separate external drives as I have tasks to do (samples + video rushes ssd/audio + video-copies-for-editing ssd/rendering and backup ssd) would be a cleaner setup, i.e not mingling with the OS and software internal drive (?)
I call it a cleaner solution because with the 1TB Flash you can skip all your external drives but run all your stuff from the one internal OS drive.
Except you use tons of VIs with super large sample libraries. Then you better put these on an external anyway.

If you only use an average amount of VIs with not too large sample libraries you even can have all the samples on the 1TB Flash drive too.
This Apple Flash drive is that fast that you can run the system, your Pro Tools session+audio and your samples from it if you want which means
no messing around with 3 different external drives. Thatīs why I call it a clean solution.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
3) I've read that third party memory RAM sticks should not be added to the built-in memory of Apple. So, can I buy 16GB only and add them to my preexisting 16 gb or buy 32 and scrap the "old" 16gb ?
Well, some people say so but honestly I have done that several times myself successfully, putting 3rd party Ram to existing Apple Ram to add
even more memory. I never have experienced any problems doing so.
You could start out adding only 16GB to your preexisting 16GB and see what happens. If there should occur any issues you then could get another
16GB 3rd party Ram and take out the original Apple ones finally.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
4) there does not seem to be a website devoted to final cut pro X like Avid's on PT. I've read that videos should be rendered on an independent drive. Is this true (then I should have 4 external drives...)
Maybe you find answers to your Final Cut Pro questions on these sites.

I think with the 1TB Flash drive you can work from your internal OS drive even with video just because this drive is so blazingly fast but you will
have to check it out yourself. Again I would start out running it from your OS Flash drive and see what happens.
But be aware of that such a one-drive-only-solution only can work with those Apple Flash drives. With all other kind of drives, even with standard
SATA SSDs you will have to use external drives for audio and video.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
5)Would you confirm that audio editing in Logic is way less handy as in PT
Yes, editing audio in Pro Tools is easier to do but to be honest Logic has become a really powerful tool over the years and you can do everything
you can do in Pro Tools in Logic as well.
Even if audio editing in Pro Tools is outstanding you may consider Logic as well if you intend to use Final Cut Pro X. Usually these guys do work
well together...Logic/Final Cut, Pro Tools/Media Composer etc.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
6)Regarding Logic again, I've bumped into this:"Word of advice, if you are using Logic on one computer only, DO NOT COPY anything (samples, ultrabeat samples,etc.) into your project. This doubles up on space and just wastes your storage capacity." What the heck is this guy about if samples happen to sit on their own drive... Don't understand...
Well, in Logic you can save your projects either as a package or as a folder and if you choose to save it as a folder you further can select manually
which files to save in this folder (which means to copy the data from itīs original location into your Logic project folder).

If you save your Logic project as a folder and you select no files (audio files, loops, IR reverb files etc.) to be copied to and saved in your project folder,
Logic will only stream the files from itīs original location. This then will work like in Pro Tools.
If on the other hand you save your Logic session as a package or you save it as a folder and you select some files to be copied to and saved within
the project folder, it will be like you would save a copy of your Pro Tools session with all audio files etc.

Pro Tools saves sessions by default in "streaming mode" whereas in Logic you will have to choose manually in which "mode" you will run your Logic
session. Either in "streaming mode" or with all your used files copied to the project folder again. If you do nothing Logic will save sessions as a package
with copies of all files (loops, audio, IRs etc.) included by default.

What this guy is saying is that if you are not moving your Logic sessions to other systems (where you need to take all your files with you) you better
run your Logic sessions in "streaming mode" only. Just because if you save it as a package or select some files to be copied to and saved in your Logic
project folder too this data will double up on your system and therefor waste storage space on your drive.

Originally Posted by r1m2b3 View Post
OK, so, Regarding the audio interface, I'm about sold on the apollo twin, though probably the quad one. I will probably try to do without any I/O extension as yet.
I think the Apollo Twin is a very good solution with Pro Tools at the moment and it will be fine in the future as well as those UA guys do a good job with
drivers etc. And like mentioned before I also think UA plug ins will work great with your style of music.

You still can buy an I/O extension later if you will need more than 2 inputs at a time in the future.

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