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Default Re: PTHD11 owners treated same as PTHD 9/10?!?!

Originally Posted by Tim R. View Post
Just don't feel it's fair for those that paid (a substantial amount) to get to PT11 from PT9/10 a year ago to have to pay the same as those that didn't upgrade back then. I wouldn't ask anyone to have to pay more, so let's say I'd hope they gave us a discount.

I don't recall the exact upgrade policy back then, but I don't think they were giving people on PTHD7 the same upgrade option as those already on PTHD9 to get to 10/11. But maybe I'm wrong.
They've actually gone all over the place. When PT10 came out, it was actually $999 to go from HD9, $1499 to go from HD8, and $2499 to go from HD7.

Amid the outrage, they offered only HD9 owners an early version of the support plan, where they would get a year of upgrades for $599, which included the upgrade to HD10.

However, the prices for HD7 and HD8 are still 2499 and 1499, and remain so, AND they don't even include HD11.

I am aware that previous to HD10, prices were cheaper in general.
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