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Default Re: Monitoring through headphones with Apollo 8 - when selecting Low Latency Monitori

Sends will always be muted by LLM. If you don't like that, you must find a work-around that works better for you.

I like to make my headphone mixes in PT rather than in Console, because I have more outputs available and because that way I don't have to make two mixes. However, I found that even with a blazing fast computer, using PT Native (non-HD), it is impossible to have latency low enough for me to be happy with the sound in the cans during tracking. I got it down to 4.5ms, but I could still hear a significant comb filtering effect.

So, I will stick with direct monitoring through Apollo. When monitoring new tracks that are being recorded along with old backing tracks that were pre-recorded, we end up using both the headphone mix in PT (for the old tracks) and the headphone mix in Console (for the new tracks). This means you have to manually keep the levels the same between the headphone mixes and control room mixes for both applications.

Major pain in the ass, but it's the only way I can work until I can afford PTHD. I tried working with 2ms latency (monitoring through Console at 48k) and it still felt too much. I am only happy with 1ms latency or less (monitoring through Console at 96k).

EDIT: Remember, it's not the latency that's a problem - it's the comb filtering caused by the latency. So when people tell you "Oh God nobody can even hear latency less than 5ms," they're right but they're wrong - you won't hear timing differences, but you'll hear quite drastic frequency response differences.
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