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Exclamation LINK HERE!! - ERXP is now version 2.0.1


We have released an update to the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack. It contains a fix for the firmware, a bug in which amp trem settings could be saved incorrectly.

TO ALL WHO HAVE PURCHASED ERXP should be receiving an e-mail from Avid stating that you have a new download of Eleven Rack Expansion Pack version 2.0.1 ready to download from your MyAvid account. Just log in, download, and run the same installers as usual.

WE ADVISE THAT YOU INSTALL THE FIRMWARE FROM THE SAME MACHINE YOU USED PREVIOUSLY. If that's a true hardship, please give CS a call, explain what's up, and we'll get you squared away.

The .dmg download is for Macintosh, the .zip is for Windows, and the .pdf Read Me is for everyone so READ IT...come on, you know you've always wanted to see what's in one of these Read Me thingies...what ancient and powerful wisdom lurketh within? Does Tab A truly fit Slot B? (No.)

TO ALL WHO HAVE NOT PURCHASED ERXP 2.0 worries. The 2.0.1 installer contains everything you need.

If you're not sure which version of ERXP you have, hold the EDIT/BACK button for a couple of seconds to get to User Options, then scroll way down to 'Firmware Version' and see which version you have:

v. 2.0.0 build (old)
v. 2.0.1 build (new)


Here is a link to the webstore:

Click on the PRO TOOLS tab.

In the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack window, click on 'Learn More' to find ERXP for purchase.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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